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Advanced Court Interpretation

Knowledge & Skills (3)

Duration: 3 Hours

Recurrence: N/A

Location: APCITG (Weekends Free Parking)

Instructor: Linda

Category: Advanced Court Interpretation Knowledge & Skills

Workshop Outline

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>    Bail is a criminal procedure for the court to decide on the temporary release or detention of a person charged with criminal offences pending trial.
>    “Not to be denied reasonable bail without just cause” is the constitutionally guaranteed legal right of the accused.
>    What are the legal principles to follow in a bail hearing? What are the evidence rules in a bail hearing? What are the applicable bail conditions if released on bail?...
>    A good understanding of the above will help court interpreter in delivering smooth interpretation service in a bail hearing.
>    Criminal code form 12 for Undertaking given to a Justice or a Judge and 32 for Recognizance will be studied.  There will be role play involving consecutive and simultaneous interpretation exercise.

Specialized workshop with 3 Professional Development units (PDUs) to be approved by Ontario Council on Community Interpreting (OCCI)

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