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A Home for Professional Chinese Interpreters and Translators

President's Welcome

Hello everyone,

I am Jennifer Zhai, a retired professional Mandarin Interpreter in Canada.​

Being an interpreter was the only occupation I had in Canada. I worked as a full-time level-five Mandarin interpreter for a well-known international company for over 15 years. This role allowed me to gain extensive interpretation experiences in a variety of fields from all over the world. Sometimes I interpreted for a machinery factory in Germany, sometimes in the computer control center of China, sometimes for stressful situations on the boat close to Guam, and sometimes in Mayo’s emergency rooms. In the past 20 years, as a freelance interpreter, I also served many large non-profit language service organizations such as MCIS Language Solutions and Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic.

I have developed a deep love for my career through the many years I interpreted. Moreover, before my retirement, I came to the realization that the demand for Chinese interpreters is rapidly growing in Canada. I wondered how I can introduce the interpretation job opportunities to newcomers. That is when the idea of creating and building a home for Chinese interpreters came to my mind.  

APCITG, an Association of Professional Chinese Interpreters & Translators was established on September 6, 2016. A home full of knowledge, resources, and partnerships. APCITG welcomed many compatriots who are thriving to be professional interpreters.


As the founder and president of APCITG, I am very pleased to see the strong development of the association within a very short period of time. We started with only a few Chinese interpreters to over 350 members today!  

I would like to thank everyone who has worked extremely hard to bring us to where we are today. I greatly appreciate all the support from my dearest colleagues!

I will continue to work with every one of you for a brighter future with APCITG!

Jennifer Zhai



APCITG is a local nonprofit association for Chinese interpreters and translators. As a certified interpretation and translation organization, APCITG is bound by international standards ISO17100, Canadian national standards CGSB131.10, and NSGCIS. We service the public sectors and individual clients by providing professional interpreters and translators. APCITG provides interpretation services, translation services, voiceovers, subtitles, transcripts, and many other services related to the Chinese language and dialects. We put our clients’ satisfaction as our top priority.

Our Mission to our clients:

Establishing a user-friendly platform where we service the public sectors and individual clients by providing well-trained Chinese professional interpreters and translators who strictly follow the Code of Ethics. We help our interpreters and translators to continuously develop themselves further by offering a variety of workshops.


Our Mission to our members:  

Building a welcoming and warm environment for Chinese professional interpreters and translators where we strive to provide our members with the best possible membership benefits such as gaining recognition, career advancements, engaging in social events, and exploring international opportunities by providing extensive professional activities.


Our Mission to our partners:  

Strong business development with mutual benefits between APCITG and our partners. We strive to increase the quality of our Chinese interpretation and translation services and create more localized job opportunities for newcomers to Canada.

Meet the Team

Ran He

Legal Affairs 

Cici Zhai

Professional Development & Finance

Wendy Chen

Translation & Interpretation Services


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45 Sheppard Ave. East

Unit 900
North York ON
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