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MCIS Language Solutions is a well-known not-for-profit social enterprise with the most comprehensive and professional language solutions in the language service industry across Canada.


MCIS demands many Chinese interpreters and translators to join her roster because she opens 24/7/365 to 750+ government and authorities related clients, and provides 300+ languages with 6,000+ language professionals.

From September 2019, all APCITG member interpreters have been transferred to MCIS’ pool of interpreters in order to fulfill nationwide assignments; in person, via video, and by telephone.

Facilitating broad stakeholder collaboration to reach the common goal of professionalizing the community interpreting sector. OCCI stands for Ontario Council on Community Interpreting.

APCITG has been an active member of OCCI since 2017. In the past couple of years, OCCI approved many Professional Development Workshops from APCITG.


Professional Development Units (PDUs) enhance specific knowledge of different interpretation topics. Interpreters maintain and further develop their competencies through these workshops and in turn, receive better rates for their services.


APCITG provides a variety of professional workshops with PDUs approved by OCCI to our Associate Members, Senior Members, and Premium Members respectively.

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AILIA is the Canadian not-for-profit trade association of language service companies whose mission is to promote and increase the competitiveness of the Canadian language industry nationally and internationally through advocacy, accreditation, and information sharing.


Join AILIA, we take a closer look at a rapidly growing and changing language industry. Hear first-hand accounts about the career development decisions made by enterprising language professionals in response to marketplace challenges and opportunities.


APCITG became an AILIA member in 2017. APCITG’s members are professional Chinese interpreters who have been well-trained by CITG Certificate Interpreters & Translators Ltd. (to know more about CITG, click HERE)


To become a Premium Member of APCITG (to know more, click HERE), you will benefit from valuable opportunities from APCITG.


We will lead you to many key persons in the professional language industry field and communicate directly with them in person.

Steps to Justice is a platform that gives reliable and practical information on common legal problems.

Many leading justice sector organizations are partners contributing to Steps to Justice, including the Ministry of the Attorney General, Legal Aid Ontario, community legal clinics, the Law Society of Ontario, the Superior Court of Justice, the Ontario Court of Justice, The Action Group on Access to Justice, among others.


A group of French advisors has helped us develop Justice pas-à-pas so that it reflects the needs of Ontario’s Francophone population.


APCITG is an official messenger of Steps to Justice. Steps to Justice will send a notice to APCITG once the system has any updates, APCITG will deliver the updated information to our members to equip us with the newest terms and/or procedures in the law system. CITG as well (to know more, click HERE), will deliver the same messages to CITG professional interpretation trainees.


In 2020, APCITG will invite experts from the Canadian Legal Society to advise on APCITG’s Professional Development Workshops.

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This website is managed by the Translation Bureau, provides a wide range of free language resources.

Whether you want to look up a grammar rule or check your punctuation, trust the tools developed by language experts.

The reasons why APCITG and CITG are both messengers of Resources of the Language Portal of Canada:

As an interpreter/ translator the Portal has something of value for you.


The Portal also has a wide array of language quizzes to test your knowledge of English and French …, and a blog where you can read posts written by language lovers.

A collection of Canadian language resources will shape the accuracy of our interpretation, will empower deep cultural knowledge of English and French, eventually make our interpreters not only speak close to native English speakers but also have compatible native senses of humor.

ONN stands for ONTARIO NONPROFIT NETWORK. ONN is engaging, advocating, and leading with - and for - nonprofits that work for the public benefit in Ontario.

We become a member of ONN since 2016. Under ONN, APCITG members’ best interest is our top priority.


We ensure our members receive professional workshops and obtain more job opportunities.  


We host member appreciation gatherings regularly in order to hear our members’ voices and make improvements.

The goals of APCITG are to bring our members well-paid jobs, take advantage of group discount programs and insurances.

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Become a Member Today

Develop skills that match the trends in the language services industry.

Widen your opportunities to obtain better earnings.

Establish, maintain, and upgrade your professional credentials.  

APCITG membership distinguishes you as a specialist professional Interpreter and/or Translator

and our members are recognized by LSPs cross Canada.


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