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OPI & VRI Best Practices

Duration: 3 Hours
Recurrence: 1
Location: Remote Training (Online)
Instructor: Kathy
Category: Advanced Community Interpretation

Workshop Outline

On-Site / Remote Training Available

Explore OPI & VRI challenges in medical and court settings; 

Introduction of OPI and VRI (Pro and Con; application area; outlook) 

Requirements of OPI and VRI; ( in respect of interpretation skills and customer service) 

Illustrate challenging contingency scenarios on audio and video calls 


Review best practices and resolutions of OPI & VRI’s challenges; 

a.Familiarize with common medical and court interpretation scenarios 

b.Summarize proper approach and wording in coping with challenging audio & video calls


Practice audio and video interpretation calls 

Medical audio call – OBGYN 

Medical video call – MOCA 

Court audio call – Hearing 

Court video call – Family court

Specialized workshop with 3 Professional Development units (PDUs) to be approved by Ontario Council on Community Interpreting (OCCI)

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On-Site / Remote Training Available

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