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Volunteer Program

Volunteers make contributions in our society in small community groups, public sectors, larger national and international charities and organisations.

Volunteers can:

  • Demonstrate a wide range of qualities, skills and expertise. For example, language services, cultural background clarifications and special skills gained from personal and work experiences.

  • Become informal ambassadors through work and social circles of their colleagues and friends.

  • Apply for staff positions when vacancies or new positions are available.


What can APCITG Volunteer program offer you?


  • Opportunities to use your interpretation or translation skills

  • To expand your professional experiences

  • To allow you to earn professional hours from your volunteer services to individuals and/or companies. Check Volunteer Request Form;

  • To document your volunteer hours for both individual services and organizational contributions. Check Assignments Sheet.

  • To increase the value of your qualifications with regard to your interpretation and translation profession.


Join APCITG Volunteer Program.

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