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Video/Telephone Remote Interpreter


Title: Video/Telephone Remote Interpreter (VRI/OPI)

Location: Work from home office



The interpreter is responsible for handling calls on demand,

and renders meaning of conversations in the consecutive mode of interpreting in medical and legal settings via video.




- Minimum weekly commitment of 20hrs;

- Be legally authorized to work and reside in Canada;

- Have a suitable work at home environment;

-Provide effective video/telephone remote interpreting service for consumers using company's equipment;

-Adhere to all policies and procedures as outlined by Video/Telephone Interpreting;

-Exhibit professional behavior at all times including punctuality and preparedness for contracted time windows;

-Demonstrate the ability to adapt quickly to new technologies;


Free Skill Enhancement Training

Employee discounts with various companies across Canada

Weekly pay

Vacation and holiday pay

Spoken Language Qualifications:

Be Fluent and have strong verbal communication skills in both the source and target language;

Certifications recommended:  


-CITG-MCIS Professional Interpreter Training or CITG grandfather training program:

a) Community Interpreter (CESP)

b) Legal Knowledge and Terminology

c) Medical Knowledge and Terminology


Strong aptitude and passion for customer service and interpreting.

Respect for and understanding of LEP clients, culture, dialect and beliefs and preferences.


This job opens to all APCITG members across Canada.

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