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  • I once heard of CITG. What's the relationship between CITG and APCITG?
    CITG and APCITG are two separate entities with different focuses. CITG administrates CILISAT tests and offers LITP training programs to those who hope to receive professional interpretation training. APCITG is a non-profit organization that focuses on protection and development of professional interpreters, such as PDUs accumulation, certification processing, and the Professional Errors & Omission insurance
  • Do I need to take a qualification exam in order to become a member of APCITG?
    No. Please refer to "Become a Member" for membership requirements.
  • As an active member, will I receive documents regarding details about what is and what's not going to be covered?"
    A detailed policy manual will be provided after your membership status is activated when you request one.
  • When I pay the annual fee, is the insurance package effective for the current calendar year, or for 12 months starting from the date I register?"
    APCITG’s insurance is a group insurance that runs annually from the effective date of July 3rd, 2017 to the termination date of July 3, 2018. APCITG will renew the group insurance annually.
  • Do workshops/training programs conducted by APCITG provide certificates of completion at the end?
    Yes. All workshops offered by APCITG are processed by the Ontario Community Interpreters Council. Workshops with PDUs hours approved by the Education Committee of OCCI will qualify those who successfully complete the workshops with a PDU certification.
  • Does or will APCITG offer interpretation/translation services and/or workshops in languages other than Chinese?
    No. APCITG is a Chinese-oriented non-profit organization, thus our focus is on the language of our primary clientele.
  • Does APCITG provide any job opportunities to its members?
    APCITG presents its members with great job resources such as freelance, part-time, full-time and staff positions at various leading interpreting companies in North America. For example: Full or Part-time employee interpreter positions from the US (work at home) Freelance VRI interpreter positions from Ontario agencies (work from home) Full or Part-time staff positions from local Community Legal Clinic Network Full or Part-time staff positions from Ontario Non-profit Network Members can login for detailed information and further assistance can be provided upon request.
  • Is the membership fee charged monthly or annually?
    The membership fee charged annually. Please refer to "Membership" for detailed information
  • As an active member of APCITG, am I qualified as an accredited translator and can translate Driver's License etc. for the Transportation Department?"
    No, Only ATIO accredited translators can translate Driver’s license for the Transportation Department. However, APCITG does offer resources to help you understand what you can do to maximize your career potential. For more information, please refer to the workshop of Maximize Interpreter’s Career.
  • What is the application process?
    Please click here and follow through the steps
  • Does the insurance only cover work assigned by APCITG?
    The APCITG’s Professional E&O insurance only covers APCITG’s assignments and APCITG Volunteer Program. Please refer to APCITG Volunteer Program for more information.
  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my APCITG membership at any time or have to wait till annual renewal?
    APCITG offers the flexibility of upgrading or downgrading your membership within the first 30 days of registration.
  • When will the insurance be in effect?
    July 3rd, 2017
  • Do I have to enroll or register as an APCITG member in order to attend workshops or any other training sessions provided by APCITG?
    We welcome everyone who's interested in the interpreting field or hoping to improve their interpreting skills. Meanwhile we do strongly encourage you to join APCITG as discounted workshop fees will be applied along with many other benefits. Please refer to "Workshops"
  • If I have had ILISAT/CILISAT and Medical/Legal Knowledge Training with proof of completion from elsewhere, will I be eligible to become a member?"
    Yes, you will be! We welcome all qualified Mandarin and Cantonese interpreters to join APCITG! Please click on the link below to learn about how you can register.
  • Does APCITG provide notary service for translated documentation?
    Please contact Axess Law Professional Corporation who provides the service in 17 locations.
  • Who do I contact for APCITG group insurance coverage and how do I submit a claim?
    Please contact for further assistance.
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