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APCITG Interpreters/Translators’ Qualifications


Community Interpreter:

CILISAT or ILISAT certificate (CILISAT or ILISAT), Community Interpreter certification (CI)

Accredited Community Interpreter:

Accredited Community Interpreter by OCCI (ACI)

ATIO Interpreter: ATIO

Certified or candidate

Conference Interpreter:

Master Conference Interpreting certified (MCI)

Medical Interpreter:

CILISAT or ILISAT certificate, Community Interpreter certificate, Medical Interpretation Knowledge and Terminology certification (MIKT)

University Health Network interpreter:

Accredited by University Health Network (UHN)

Medical Certified Interpreter:

IMIA Medical Interpreter certification(IMIA)

Legal Interpreter:

CILISAT or ILISAT certificate, Community Interpreter certificate, Canadian Canadian Legal Knowledge and Terminology certificate (LKT)

Immigration and Refugee Interpreter:

Accredited by Ministry of Immigration and Refugee (IRB)

Ministry of Attoney General Court Interpreter 

Accredited by Ministry of Attorney General (MAG)

Video Interpreter (VRI)

VRI interpretation more than 2 years real experience 

ATIO Translator:

ATIO certified or candidate


APCITG members specialize in the Chinese language, but not limited to Mandarin and Cantonese. More than 30 dialects in the Chinese languages are being offered by us.

Interpreter Directory

          Nan Weng

Community Interpreter

      Tracy Hui Wang

     Medical VRI Interpreter

Yun Ye

   Legal, Medical Interpreter

         Jason Zhang

Community, Medical Interpreter

         Qianlin Luo


         Xiaoting Zhang

 Community, Medical Interpreter

      Kaidi (Amber) Cao

         Community Interpreter

              Yi Wang

        Community, Interpreter

   Yan (Cynthia) Cao

     Medical Interpreter

        Qi (Monica) Chu

      Conference Interpreter

               Linda Zhu

 Mandarin/Cantonese Interpreter

       Guangli Wang

ATIO Translator IRB Interpreter

Maggie Xie 

Mandarin Interpreter

Aurora Wang 

Mandarin Interpreter

Ian Yuan 

Mandarin Interpreter

          Kan Wang

     IRB & Medical Interpreter

Maggie Min Lan 

Mandarin Interpreter

          Jeffrey Yang          

​IRB & UHN Interpreter

Brittany Pan

Mandarin Interpreter

       Tingting Wang

            IRB Interpreter 

More interpreters are coming soon...

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