New Qualification of APCITG, a Language Services Provider

ISO 17100 Certification

CGSB131.10 Certification

NSGCIS Certification

APCITG, standing for Association of Professional Chinese Interpreters and Translators Group, has been registered as a non-profit organization under the Canadian Federal corporation non-profit laws since September, 2016. APCITG, a member in good standing of AILIA, passed the auditing conducted by Orion Assessment Services of ISO 17100, the international standard for Translation Service Providers (TSPs), CGSB 131.10: The Canadian Translation Standard and NSGCIS: The National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services which is the Canadian Interpretation Standards in 2018.

The goal of APCITG is to build up and enhance with non-stop effort the professional competence of our professional Chinese interpreters and translators and to make quality Chinese language interpretation and translation service available and accessible to all other professionals in Canada and other countries whenever they need it either in person or via telecommunication and computer technology.

At APCITG, we offer various types of workshops that cover legal, medical and insurance knowledge and information for our professional interpreters and translators. APCITG invites guest speakers who are professionals from the public sector, including but not limited to law enforcement services, medical and public health, international business, insurance and finance industries to conduct presentations/ workshops in specific area to help with the professional growth of APCITG interpreters and translators. A second type of workshop is interactive among a group of interpreters who would discuss a specific subject or topics, in order to share their professional opinions, experiences and learn from each other.

APCITG has an online terminology database, a great resource accessible to APCITG interpreters and translators for them to consult and to learn the standard equivalent in both Chinese and English languages to ensure interpretation and translation accuracy, the core of quality language service.

Quality service is of the utmost concern of APCITG. We are proud of our greatest assets of over 300 professional and hardworking Chinese language interpreters and translators, as well as over 45 Chinese dialect interpreters.

We would like to see that APCITG professional interpreters and translators gain recognition, advance career, engage in social events and explore international opportunities by providing a solid and extensive platform for them to navigate.

APCITG, a home for Professional Chinese Interpreters and Translators! Welcome you!

APCITG, a platform for Professional Language Service Providers! Welcome you!

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