APCITG – Our Volunteer Achievement has made history!

On November 19, 2017 APCITG launched its very first emergency volunteer project under exigent circumstances. Support rushed in from our professional interpreters and translators immediately after our message was sent out. Our interpreters and translators responded by signing up to participate in our effort to help a visa student from Anhui, China, Miss MC W., who was very sick in a hospital. Our interpreters and translators volunteered to work as a team to provide MC and her family interpretation and translation services by bringing in their knowledge and skills and by contributing a lot of their personal time.

Although our volunteers don’t get paid for their services, all of them gave 110% of their effort. We are proud that as a team they were highly efficient in delivering professional standard interpretation and translation services and thus have greatly assisted MC and her family in their crucial communication with the medical professionals in the hospital and also elsewhere in the world.

APCITG’s volunteer translators’ group displayed high personal qualities and great professional strength under challenging circumstances: a large number of medical documents involving complicated medical conditions, medical terminology and pharmaceutical product names that were to be translated within short time frame. Everyone had to work very fast under pressure and overwhelming time constraint.

One can hardly put a price to measure what we have achieved. On November 19th within about 9 hours, our volunteer translators’ group contributed a translation of medical documents and pictures totaling more than 13,000 words. A reasonable estimate of market price for the same type of rushed translation of medical documents would be about $ 6,500. On November 20th, our volunteer interpreter Xiaoting Z. made herself available going all the way from Toronto to the hospital in Mississauga to provide on-site interpreting service to MC and her family. Xiaoting started her interpretation service in the hospital from 8:50 am to 5:10 pm without counting the several hours of travelling time she spent to get to the hospital. She provided nonstop interpreting service for more than 8 hours on that day. Over the past two days, all of APCITG’s volunteers showed dedication, sympathy, enthusiasm and a warm heart towards a stranger in desperate need of help.

APCITG could not show enough appreciation for what all of you have done.


At APCITG, we feel obliged to provide insurance protection for our volunteers. It is also our job to keep a detailed record of the work done by each of our volunteers.

APCITG is looking at a great future along with our volunteer team.

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