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Can I make a living using English in Canada?

My name is May. I am currently an over the phone interpreter for a well-known LSP in interpretation industry.

I majored in English Language and Literature back in China. I like studying English. However many years ago when I first came to Canada. I was told that, once you are in Canada, you cannot make a living using English because everybody in North American speaks English, even children speak much better English than you do. You need to study something else to be able to find a job. I thought that was true. So I studied computer science for a while which I was not interested at all and quieted.

Thanks to one of my friend, she got a job as a community interpreter and told me I can be one too. So about 3 years ago, I started some training with a Toronto Based community interpreting agency and worked as a freelance interpreter. I like this job, but I don’t have fixed hours and don’t know if I could get assignments for next week or next month.

I am so thankful that early this year 2017 through another friend of mine, I got to know Ms. Zhai, attended some of her wonderful and resourceful lectures. Ms. Zhai is very gracious, with her referral, I got the interview with the SLP. Now I’ve been working for the company for a little over 6 months.

I like working with my employer and learned a lot. I finally find the job that suited me. Even my parents are so happy that I finally find a professional job that I like and utilized my university major.

There’s another thing I need to mention. Three days after I started my job, I attended a course MAG (prepare to become a court interpreter). This course is facilitated by Ms. Zhai and taught by experienced court interpreter and staff Ms. Linda.

This course is so useful, I simply take the course on a Saturday morning and be able to apply what I learned on my legal interpreting phone calls for the LSP next week.

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