A Path to Permanent Residency in Canada

I always been having interests in language interpreting since I was in high school but never officially gained a degree in such area. After finishing four-year bachelor study in Canada, I joined Ms. Jenny Zhai’s interpreting training course in Late 2016, which is a big step-in to the interpretation industry.

Jenny instructed useful tools to apply during interpretation training, which benefits me in the Interpretation skill studies and exams. Cici also made significant help in the classroom by practicing interpretation with students in the classroom and assisting teaching. Both Jenny and Cici contributed a lot in the classroom during the course period. It is a pleasure to attend this course with Jenny and Cici. They not only delivered knowledge and skills but also shared their career experience with us in the class.

Jenny kindly referred me to start my interpreting career at the end of the training. Fortunately, I received a job offer from a top LSP in the world to be a professional medical interpreter with employment benefits. It is such an awesome opportunity to work as a medical interpreter from home. I benefit from zero-commute and customized working space at home. By having the interpreter's certificate doesn't stop me gaining new knowledge, terminologies and life experience in the working environment.

I would never imagine working as a medical interpreter if I didn't take this course with CITG. I will soon use the interpreting working experience to apply for permanent residency in Canada in early 2018. Thank you, Jenny and Cici. I can never accomplish this far without your help.

Thank you again and best wishes to CITG.


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