I like Canadian Legal Knowledge and Terminology training the best

My Name is Daisy. I attended Language Interpreter Skill training and CESP training provided by CITG training team in Victoria College and Court Interpreter Knowledge and Skills, Canadian Legal Knowledge and Terminology study in CITG Training Center afterwards. Ms. Zhai and Cici are leading us to the interpreter's professional world, and as students, we are required to spend time to study hard after class to achieve our goals. As we started the training, Ms. Zhai constantly updated us the latest recruitment information on various interpreting organizations. I got my response immediately from Ms. Zhai after I sent her my resume and I passed a job application processing very quick.

Among the four courses I've taken, I like Canadian Legal Knowledge and Terminology the best as it's a very useful tool for all of us that live in Ontario, even if you haven't decided to be a professional legal interpreter yet.

Thank you, CITG training team, for all the hard work to help us achieve our goal.

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