My Story of Interpretation

I came back to Canada from Hongkong for good about half a year ago. From a public WeChat message, I accidently ran into knowing about Victoria College. My original intend was to go to Victoria and learn some new IT knowledge, so as to re-join the IT industry in Canada. During my visit to Vitoria for some course introductions, I inadvertently learned about the Verbal Interpretation Training and the career opportunities.

At a free course preview of verbal interpretation training, I found that the course is professionally presented, and Jenny, the facilitator is a very experienced, and has obtained numerous reorganizations and awards in the interpretation industry. She is definitely a good teacher. Furthermore, the employment opportunities look quite good and promising. I then decided to enroll in this course.

After Jenny's and the other trainer Cici’s professional guidance, and various effective classroom exercises, I passed the examinations on "Community Interpreting Language and Skills Assessment Test (CILISAT)" and "Code of Ethic and Standards of Practice" (CESP), and at the same time, thanks to the job information’s shared by JENNY, I sent my resume to a famous telephone interpreting company in the United States, and has successfully obtained my job as an in-home full time telephone interpreter.

This telephone interpreting job gives me a chance to understand, from a side view, the various kind of issues that are facing the old and new Chinese immigrants in North America. These are some front-line perception of the daily life of the Chinese immigrants living here.

As an professional interpreter, I am not supposing to project any personal feeling towards my clients. However, after I finished helping an elderly to complete his/her health assessment for an insurance company, or to clearly express their needs and/or plea for helps from a trouble family, or a victim of an employment accident, there will always be an unspeakable happiness within. I can treat this as a bonus for this Job!

Once again, a big thank you to Ms. Jenny, Cici and the Victoria.

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