I landed on this job when I had become Canadian PR for a little less than two months

Time flies and suddenly I have been working for LLS for almost a year. Working from home is great, especially in a city where the weather is notoriously interchangeable and the public transit is equally famed for its unpredictability.

I landed on this job when I had become Canadian PR for a little less than two months. As a new immigrant, which many of you could relate, I desperately needed a job to settle down. And, like many new people and young people in this city, despite job searching every day, I had no luck, and I had applied for everything, from barista, retail assistant, teacher, tutor, writer, you name it.

My path with LLS and CITG crossed one day. Being the native speaker of Hakka, Mandarin, Cantonese, and fluent speaker of English, I applied for interpreter positions as well. I attended the orientation session hosted by Ms. Jennifer and I learned a lot about the work and company, this further increased my interest and confidence in becoming an interpreter.

I took the CILISAT exam on the day itself, both Mandarin and Cantonese. That experience helped me do well in LLS phone assessment, and eventually (in less than 1 month), I got a full-time job offer from LLS. (40 hours a week!)

A steady income was what I desperately needed, and working from home costs me nothing to go to work (no commute cost, no personal grooming cost, etc.) and I managed to save up. Furthermore, there was plenty of overtime opportunity during my first few months, so working as a full time professional interpreter allowed me to settle down in Canada way better than I had expected.

Words cannot express the gratitude and relieve I got with my first pay checks, and I am still thankful to CITG, Ms. Jenny and everyone I have met, thank you for the support and encouragement.

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