From an international student to a professional interpreter

Like many other international students, I came to Canada to study Finance, and hoping to get a stable job in the Financial industry. However, finding a well-paid and stable job in the financial industry as an international student seems to be so hard. Since I graduated, I found an administrative job working from 9:00 to 6:00 pm everyday. I was so overwhelmed and tired of the job I was working. I was always looking for new opportunities to "change my life".

I have never thought I could become a professional interpreter. A year ago, I took one of my classmates, who is a Korean, to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. I helped him to interpret what the waitress said while she was taking our order. My classmate was so impressed by how fluent I could switch between Chinese and English. He asked me why did not I try to work as an interpreter. At that time, I had limited understanding of what an interpreter does. I did some research on interpreter training in Toronto. I found a couple trainings available. Unfortunately, none of the class schedule fitted me. I thought my journey to become an interpreter would stop from there.

Surprisingly, I saw the ads of the interpreter training program in Victoria Training Center in the summer of 2017. I talked to myself, maybe I should give myself a try. As a result, I attended the LIP and CESP training provided by CITG at Victoria in this summer. I was lack of confidence of becoming a interpreter at first; however, I was lucky enough to have Jenny and Cici to help me to not only achieve certificates but also get the skills and knowledge I need in order to work as an professional interpreter. I really like the methods they teach and the workshops offered by CITG. Moreover, I got a referral from Jenny after the training. With all the help from Jenny, I got a full time professional job offer as a Cantonese interpreter in the LLS. Now, I could work at night and have more freedom of what I can do during the day time.

I would never imagine I could learn a new skills and start a new career which I like within such a short period of time. Thanks to the training programs offered by CITG and the helps of CITG training team, I am now well-prepared to start a new career as a full time professional employment interpreter.

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