APCITG is proud of being a home for Chinese interpreters & translators!

The Association of CAN Professional Chinese Interpreters & Translators APCITG,

the first Association of Professional Chinese Interpreters and Translators in Canada,

honorably announces its opening to the public today on June 18, 2017 after 9

months of hard work and continuous support from a group of highly talented

professionals in CITG!

APCITG was registered under the non-profit laws of the Canadian Federal

Cooperation in September, 2016. Our goal is to assist professionally trained

interpreters and translators in gaining recognition, career advancement, cultural

integration, and civil engagement in Canada, and to expand international

opportunities by providing a solid and extensive platform.

APCITG has also been accepted by the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN ) as a

member. APCITG strives for collective interests for her members such

as Professional Errors and Omissions insurance and Volunteers Program, which

ensures that the members are not only protected by group insurance, but also

deserve benefits for their dedicated services to our society.

APCITG is devoted to maximizing your potential as well as profits and making your

profile stand out on behalf of all professional Chinese interpreters and translators. In

the meantime, we will have more opportunities to service our community.

APCITG is proud of being a home for Chinese interpreters and translators!

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