About Us

Association of CAN Professional Interpreters & Translators APCITG is registered under the non-profit law of Canadian Federal Cooperation.

APCITG provides a platform for professional Chinese interpreters to equip them with the interpreter's code of ethics, leading to:


  • the explore of more interpretation challenges in legal, medical, and community language services

  • the learning and developing of sight translation and consecutive and simultaneous interpretation skills in English-Mandarin and English-Cantonese

  • discussion and the learning of original legal knowledge and terminologies from Community Legal Education Ontario and other official resources

  • Specialized workshops approved by Ontario Council Community Interpreting

APCITG offers interpreters with volunteering opportunities in our society in small community groups, public sectors, larger national and international charities and organizations.

APCITG invites specialists from legal, medical, women & children safety, and Ontario Works to present no-charge orientations in the Chinese community.

APCITG protects active Platinum members with Professional Errors and Omissions' insurance which also protects the clients they serviced.

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